i don’t see heroism inherent in the dapple of your camo

i don’t fall at the altar of ares indiscriminately

i adhered to a pacifist belief in discourse and debate up to now

i detest the blindly patriotic vision of the star spangled devotee


a hero to me had always been an elusively romantic idea

unrecognizable in the common man as i saw them

an act of heroism an impossibly inhuman defying of natural law

until i saw you pick up your bag and put on that bulletproof diadem


out of the depths of complexity of duty to country and commander

out of obligation to provide for wife and child

and a tendency towards charity and unflinching candor

you silently took up arms and joined the rank and file


in your sacrifice you became my hero

as i know that sacrifice was rooted in love for her and i

a desire to prove yourself a provider a sanctified nero

without the vice and all the comforts to be quantified


with upright piety i have never seen in a soul

and unvoiced pain which lends itself to battered strength

you ventured alone into a combative world dividing my whole

heart carved into a token of luck of magnetism of guidance down that path


a salute to a hero by any other name

as that which he would never claim


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