What I meant when I said, “I Do”

Letters are a dim replacement of your genial charms

Or those brief phone calls interrupted by faulty technology.

Vaulted emotions hang on the anticipation of unspoken apology

Even now we brush off anything that could cause alarm.

Honesty a priority in our day to day communications

Our voices yet are smothered with anticipation

Not of that distant day of homecoming

Or an elusive idea of civilian vacation

Rather of a dream of some more simple summoning. 

Sweet husband, I made a promise I intend to keep

As I believe that the vows we spoke are infinity bound

Crossing this threshold of duty I am in too deep

Rooted in the reverberations of your voice’s sound

I ignore the warning screams of others as I take this leap

Finding that with your help I will land on solid ground

I surrender to the universe’s design of our lives intertwined

Casting around for your hand to grasp as together we take a stand

Ever to live as husband and wife in this crazy military life.


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