If Anyone Else Were To Love You

In all the world I do not believe a woman could love you as I do.

She couldn’t see all the amazing things that I see even if she tried to.

But if anyone else were to love you

Here are the things I’d hope she knew.

The way your life shines through your eyes, how I knew you were kind.

The uniqueness of the clever workings of your mind

When we debate back and forth when our views don’t align

And the way you could let me be myself with you and unwind.


The strength of your heart as you carry the weight of the worries of the ones you love

The constant assurance you give us as you perform any task we think of

And the way you ask for nothing in return from us or from above

Taking on cares that would break the wills of some.

The timbre of your laughter when you are genuinely happy

And how it carries on the wind to mingle with the spirits freely

How it captures everyone in its swath making somebodies of perceived nobodies

It’s vibrations resonating under your skin with subtle sensuality.

And the gentle pressure of your hands as they traced the lines of my body

Delving past the barriers I had erected so carefully

Of my emotions, my ability to relate, not just my physicality

You unlocked so much more when you moved that night to kiss me.
I hope she’d know how deeply you deserve to be loved by anyone

That if she cannot commit to a lifetime of holding you in the sun

She does not deserve you, she has no right to leave you undone

Because of all the men in the world you most deserve to be truly loved.


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