Black Hole Pt. 1

We are stars bursting,

Super novas bleeding out

Cosmic greatness,


The darkness of space.


Marry a Soldier and You Will Know True Love

You have never read a love letter until you have read one sent home to a soldier’s lover

And if you are not that soldier or his lover it is unlikely you will ever

Until their lives have waned and their years have been spent

And the pain of that distance has faded to a wistful reminisce.

You have never read a letter filled with so much palpable longing

And an honesty so profound it bleeds onto your fingers like spilled ink

And capped with a sign off of resignation and the literary equivalent of a sigh

As he hurries through the hastily scrawled pages to not say goodbye.

I love my soldier. I will treasure his hand written letters all the days of my life.

A soldier’s Wife


How could we have known this love would be a source of both pain and ecstasy when you caught my eye under the dingy white tarp of that festival tent and the electricity of a coming storm danced under our skin?

That separation was inevitable and the string of fate would span an ocean, stretched as thin as a spider’s webbing, cutting into the flesh of our hearts where it knotted all those days ago when I looked back at you and knew life would never be the same?

How could I have known I would be so lucky as to possess a love that would cause such longing in the dark expanse of lonely nights?

How could I have known the blessing of the pain of missing you far outweighs the numbness of never having known you?

How could I have known that a deployment would make me love you even more than I ever dreamed a soul could love, deeper than the unknown depths of the ocean floor, longer than the infinity of this universe?


I know there will come a day

When our daughter does not know your absence

When the distance between you and her

Is bridged and Daddy returns



The day when playtime is physical

Not seen through the screen

Of a “smartphone” that still doesn’t understand

The power of human contact.


And the USO story times become fables

As you build forts under Minnie Mouse comforters

And she follows the words you point at as you read.


And you enjoy homemade cookies fresh from the oven

Still steaming when you crack them open.


And you come home to find our love for you is still the same.

Building Castles in the Air

Slats of sunlight dapple

the edges of my memories

of you

of us

twirling in the kitchen

laying sideways in our bed

blinding our view of the television

where we curled up each evening

the warming Spring days meant open

windows, wafting

breezes, evening

strolls across the railroad tracks

during lengthening evening twilight

holding hands

holding hands, our breaths

as we wait for separation

a year long pacing back and forth




slowly becoming numb

with every creeping day.

I Hope She Finds Somebody Like You

I hope that love finds our daughter like it found me. That the stars align to find her soulmate has been there the whole time. Waiting. Waiting for the moment when everything is right, when the complications of her life have resolved to the point of sustained happiness. 

I hope that love whispers softly into her dreams like the scent of a garden wafting on lofty breezes trampezing through sun baked air.

I hope that love finds her with kindness, seeking to elevate her, hold her up to find she is worth more than she believed herself to be. That violence is blinded by the glare of a gentle soul seeking in her the self same care. 

I hope that love finds her through the heart of a loving partner who holds her hand each time it nears their own. Who says, “I’m sorry,” regardless of who was wrong. Who nurses no ill will even to those who’ve done them harm.

I hope she finds somebody like you. 

Day 100

We have made it 100 days into this deployment. I feel the size of that time as well as it’s insignificance on the scope of the timeline of our life together. 

Still I feel it in the loss of your smell in a T-Shirt you left on the floor from the night before. I feel it in the small rearrangements of our kitchen to accommodate my own needs rather than ours. I feel it in the contents of our fridge filled with foods of which you disapprove.

I feel it in the constant stretch of my heart as it pants to hold on to our love, our marriage, the intimacy of our conversations. I feel it in the grains of sand drifting from between my clasped fists as I try to hold on to this time with our daughter yet quickly get to that still too distant day of homecoming. 

I fill it in the inches she has grown since you could cradle her in one arm, cup her head in one hand. I feel it in the grasp of her mind as she becomes more and more aware there is a world surrounding her. 

I have survived 100 days without your nearness. I told you I would wait for you. 100 days, 1000, an eternity. Perhaps this is my Atlas moment but it is a weight I willingly bear for the promise however far of holding you within my arms again.

Here’s to 100 more. 

A Soldier’s Wife

If Anyone Else Were To Love You

In all the world I do not believe a woman could love you as I do.

She couldn’t see all the amazing things that I see even if she tried to.

But if anyone else were to love you

Here are the things I’d hope she knew.

The way your life shines through your eyes, how I knew you were kind.

The uniqueness of the clever workings of your mind

When we debate back and forth when our views don’t align

And the way you could let me be myself with you and unwind.


The strength of your heart as you carry the weight of the worries of the ones you love

The constant assurance you give us as you perform any task we think of

And the way you ask for nothing in return from us or from above

Taking on cares that would break the wills of some.

The timbre of your laughter when you are genuinely happy

And how it carries on the wind to mingle with the spirits freely

How it captures everyone in its swath making somebodies of perceived nobodies

It’s vibrations resonating under your skin with subtle sensuality.

And the gentle pressure of your hands as they traced the lines of my body

Delving past the barriers I had erected so carefully

Of my emotions, my ability to relate, not just my physicality

You unlocked so much more when you moved that night to kiss me.
I hope she’d know how deeply you deserve to be loved by anyone

That if she cannot commit to a lifetime of holding you in the sun

She does not deserve you, she has no right to leave you undone

Because of all the men in the world you most deserve to be truly loved.

We Are Infinite

I see eternity within your eyes

When you stare back into mine

Through my soul to the end of time

To where the gods are said to shine

When prayers are offered to their shrines

And you and I don’t need to find

Absolution, we have discovered in kind

Our salvation through each other’s minds

Delicate balances as we attempt to align

distance and affection, marriage defined

Anew for this moment of mankind’s design

Our commitments to country but disinclined

To prioritize wars of rich men’s asinine

Beliefs (see: portfolios) but beyond serpentine

Leaders we gather our courage and combined

We are unstoppable, indivisible, winding vines

On the scale of an infidimensional timeline.
I love you.

I know you love me

I know you love me in the way your eyes brighten as we debate

I know you love me in the way you bury your face in my neck.

I know you love me in the way you never falter to tell me “I love you”

And I know you love me by the curve of your smile

When your eyes meet mine and our hands entwine.

When you encircle my waist and twirl me around

The kitchen in our socks not even to sound.

When you rise out of bed each early morning

And try to leave without waking my snoring

But I called you back whenever I felt your absence 

Beside me and demanded my good morning goodbye kiss.

I know you love me by the strength of your actions,

Your daily commitment, your outward affections.

I know you love me so I sleep soundly in knowing,

My husband, soulmate, best friend, our love will keep growing.